Strange blue snow fell in St. Petersburg

Residents of the northern capital are puzzled by the mysterious snow that fell on
Aptekarsky Avenue. Drifts bright blue shade look very
beautifully, however, they cause fear among the Petersburgers.

Local environmentalists have not yet managed to determine what caused
unusual phenomenon and whether it is dangerous to humans and the environment.
So far, an analysis of blue snow samples has not shown
any extraneous inclusions however employees
Rosprirodnadzor intend to conduct a more thorough examination.

Meanwhile, some citizens are asking a romantic question:
what if snow is exactly like that now? After all, on the nose like
once the winter holidays – maybe heaven decided on the eve of the New
year to make the residents of St. Petersburg such an unusual gift? BUT
suddenly aliens tried to do it, ufologists joke, remember blue
snow from Eldar Ryazanov’s “Heaven promised”, that he
foreshadowed? .. Great idea, especially on New Year’s Eve!

Pragmatists, however, say that the fault is for sure
Methylene blue or cobalt hit the ground. Many
St. Petersburgers for this reason are afraid for small children, tearing
sculpt blue snowmen, as well as for pets and stray animals,
гуляющих по BUTптекарскому проспекту. While optimistic
minded residents of the northern capital just admire it
fantastic snow and smile – the holiday is the same, why not
smile …

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