Strange creature stormed ashoreKamchatka

The seas and oceans periodically throw people to riddles in the form
cast ashore mysterious creatures. Another such “gift”
after the storm, residents of the village of Pakhachi, Olyutorsky region, received

Most surprisingly, the remains of the monster were covered with wool
�”Tubular type” that struck the inhabitants of Pahachi to the depths of the soul,
why they began to build all sorts of guesses, to the extent that
in the depths of the ocean live unknown beings rational beings, about which
scientists don’t know anything.

Somewhat cooled the ardor and fantasy of the aborigines Sergey Kornev,
who is an employee of the laboratory KamchatNIRO. In his opinion, this
just a whale’s body part. Just in the process of decomposition appear here
such mysterious “hairs” that are actually muscular
the fibers. This is confirmed, says Sergei, and Filipino scientists
the cities of san antonio that got about the same
sea ​​”gift” in May of this year. However, Filipinos are already
thoroughly studied this “monster”, and came here to this
a simple conclusion …

However, the Kamchatka aborigines did not particularly believe the scientists, knowing them
the desire to classify or explain everything in the form available
understanding even a simple man in the street. Moreover, the locals
have seen before the remains of whales and other famous marine animals – and
they didn’t look like the current monster. Besides, they think
Sergei Kornev himself simply did not have the opportunity to thoroughly study
of this monster and only relied on the conclusions of the Filipino
researchers who might be wrong, especially false
or even not having to Kamchatka mysterious creature no

By the way, we suggest you look at some more marine
monsters cast ashore and still not “identified”
by scientists. Maybe this will shake your faith that every such
�”Gift” can be explained scientifically. After all, how
known, our current knowledge of the oceans does not exceed 5 –
10 percent, or even less …

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