Strange creatures brought to Veliky Novgorodrain

Abundant rainfall, which took place recently in Veliky Novgorod,
They presented a mysterious surprise to the citizens. After a heavy shower,
flooded several local areas on wet streets suddenly
strange creatures appeared, looking like … on small octopuses.

When the water level was asleep, the surprised Novgorodians began to notice on
asphalt and earth of incomprehensible creatures with wriggling tentacles
only a few centimeters long. In this case, someone even
dared to consider one such individual and determined that the suckers on
her tentacles are gone. That is, in this case we can hardly talk about
distant relatives of the octopus.

Mysterious animals quickly ceased to show signs
life, if not in the puddles, from which we can conclude that
they live exclusively in water. Every creature’s body color was
grayish brown.

Users of the Runet, who quickly circled these photos,
joking that the fault of Cthulhu is the octopus-like deity of
American horror writer Howard Lovecraft.
Say, the almighty ancient monster sent to dry land
messengers, however, something went wrong, and the octopus at once
perished, never having managed to bring fear to human

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