Strange doll scares Bristol residents

On the banks of the Avon River in the English city of Bristol was
an ominous human-sized doll resembling a bandage

She unexpectedly appeared here early in the morning, sitting in the corner between
stone walls near the water itself. The philistines passing through and
passing through the Clifton Bridge, noticed a terrible mannequin and immediately
contacted the police. Many impressionable British were
convinced that the real dead man washed ashore.

The guard of law and order, approaching the “mummy”, with relief
sighed, finding that it is not a corpse, and a metal
wreck with a rope wound on it. However, they have no
no doubt that someone made such a special
creepy doll and put it here in order to tickle your nerves
countrymen. Perhaps this is a kind of decoration for the future
Halloween or someone’s strange street art. Whatever
it was, the police decided to leave the overly realistic scarecrow on

Meanwhile, among the young residents of Bristol, rumors about
that the awesome mannequin comes to life at night, walks along the promenade
and bathes in the river, and at dawn, it sets in stone
corner, wraps his torso with his hands, lowering his head. Maybe,
it is in this way that urban legends about
paranormal. Also do not forget that the author
the intended rally has still not appeared. I.e
�”Mummy” could easily materialize here by itself, and then
all her nightly adventures are quite understandable, as is incomprehensible.
the behavior of the police who mysteriously wished to leave it
�”Monster” on the river bank …

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