Strange feeling of people not belonging to thisthe planet

There are people who constantly live with the feeling that they are not from
of this world that the Earth is a planet alien to them. Moreover, somewhere in
the depth of the blocked memory of such people are stored memories
about a completely different world – much more harmonious and perfect.

If you are visited by such feelings, thoughts and memories, do not
Be afraid: as they say, independent researchers of this phenomenon,
в прошлом воплощении вы, скорее всего, жили на the planet с более
developed civilization, why stay on Earth seems to you
terrible, and the people themselves – primitive, aggressive and even
crazy Such souls who came to Earth from higher
thousands of measurements, and here they tend to feel
outcasts of society.

Coming from other worlds

Possessing more mature and purer souls, such people from the very
childhoods yearn for their “home” – good and beautiful.
Subconsciously remembering such high vibrations as divine
love and light, consciously they can not understand why they are so bad
on Earth, why are they not like all that they are constantly oppressed and
how to deal with it.

From early childhood, such people are very lonely, in most
cases they have no friends, although by their nature they are exclusively
kind and responsive, ready to help everyone. But,
constantly faced with ingratitude and meanness, these children
often become confined to themselves, at best, sooner or later
find the same “white crows”, after which their life on Earth is more
or less getting better. Voluntary oblivion for such souls –
the only condition that allows them to live in our prison society
(it’s not for nothing that some researchers call Earth a planet-prison)
and do not go crazy (although this happens). But the question is: why do these
developed souls incarnate on earth and why are they becoming here
more and more?..

Why is all this happening?

Despite the apparent evidence that these souls fall
here for some offenses committed in their own bright world on
in fact, they come to Earth for a completely different purpose. They
are voluntarily to help earthlings move from the third to
a higher fourth dimension, namely, on such a transition
stage is now our civilization.

Land for such souls has always been the school in which they received
a unique experience, and today it is all the more excellent platform for
accelerated spiritual growth. And because to us in the set
souls rush from other planets to work here for the good
divine creation. Thanks to these incarnations of vibration
our planet change and the transition to the fourth dimension passes
faster and more successful. By the way, there are quite a few souls on Earth itself
ready for such a transition, but they need help – it’s her and
have aliens incarnated here.

Вы тоже не принадлежите этой the planet?

If you also feel like an outcast on Earth, go to
your intuition, look for your own kind in this world, decide any
tasks based on their ability for deep, sincere love and
forgiveness. And in any case, do not give up before
�”Impenetrable” wall of cruelty and unreasonableness characteristic of
most earthlings.

It is necessary to understand, experts say, that every soul comes to
Land with a unique program. The more serious task you are
voluntarily set yourself so your life here will be
harder and more painful. Sometimes it turns out to be just unbearable,
when a person (especially one who has not found soul mates) rolls off
to an exhausting struggle with domestic problems, endless
troubles and losses …

Or maybe souls from other planets are still sent to Earth with
purpose of punishment? Honestly, it’s hard to believe, because
harmonious society there are no crimes, and therefore punishment
otherwise what kind of harmony is it? Therefore, whatever one may say,
light souls come here with completely different tasks and at the same time –
always voluntarily! ..

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