Strange foam trickles out of the ground.Michigan

Residents and authorities of American Melvindale, Michigan,
found themselves puzzled after being out of the ground near one of
the local highway began to ooze an incomprehensible foaming substance.
The mysterious bubbling substance has a sharp unpleasant odor,
however, it is dangerous or not, it has not yet been determined. Policemen
were forced to close the road, and invited experts took
samples of the substance for analysis. While his nature remains full
a mystery.

At first, experts believed that any of the
nearby factories, however, this assumption has not been confirmed.
Employees of the local environmental protection department
remembered that this was observed at different points in Melvindale and
earlier, however, tests and tests did not allow any clarification
the situation. Meanwhile, the townspeople have already begun to whisper that the inexplicable
foam has to do with aliens or the inhabitants of the secret underground
of the world. However, there are other versions – one is worse than the other, so
scientists should hurry and give a clear explanation
what happened …

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