Strange light waves in the sky aboveAmerica

Recently, something has been happening on our planet.
abnormal: some lights, light pillars in the sky, strange
sounds coming from the depths of space, and much more, absolutely

Some researchers attribute this to a possible bias.
poles of the earth, someone is talking about climate weapons and his
consequences, and the Americans in this regard sin on Russia, and
Russians – on the USA. People of official science, as always, in
perplexed because clearly explain these abnormal phenomena are not
may, therefore, for the time being, they only build various theories and conjectures,
example, blamed everything on rocket launches, with which they do not agree
ufologists and other researchers of the paranormal.

А в это время над Северной America снова заметили необъяснимое
the phenomenon is now a strange glow, which eyewitnesses describe as
mysterious colored waves of light in the night sky. The other day they were watched
in Pennsylvania and also in the state of Georgia, for example, most vividly
This manifested itself over the city of Athens. However, it is possible that just
the inhabitants of this city showed the greatest activity on the Internet,
telling and even showing this strange “northern lights”,
which simply cannot be.

For example, the Americans of Georgia watched these light waves.
for nearly forty minutes. This is how one phenomenon describes this phenomenon.

The colored waves in the night sky are, of course, beautiful,
but at the same time scary, because it is not clear what it is.
These waves poured in the sky, somewhere in the north-west, when
it was dark. This has never happened here, so people get scared:
whether war begins, or the end of the world comes …

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