Strange mechanism found on an asteroidEros

Such a question was asked by the popular Ufologist Scott Waring on the Web,
attracting the attention of Internet users to a unique photograph
астероида Eros с весьма загадочным объектом на нем.

Even without any filters and special magnifications, writes Taiwanese
The researcher of all that is connected with the alien theme, it is clear
that this mechanism is clearly man-made. He stands out from
the surrounding landscape. Moreover, the object resembles some
a station obviously used by aliens to monitor
spaces around the asteroid.

The picture that the ufologist literally unearthed on the official website
NASA, – quite old, made back in June 2000, however,
as Scott claims, he’s one hundred percent sure that this
радиостанция и сейчас находится на Erosе, выполняя свою миссию,
known only to aliens. However, the ufologist admits that
such an object could be abandoned on an asteroid and earthlings, just
we are not all told. For example, many influential people
the planets have long been itching about cosmic minerals that
can be mined on similar asteroids.

Напомним, что Eros — это довольно крупный космический объект,
having a diameter of almost 17 kilometers. His orbit of movement
intersects the orbit of Mars from time to time and then the asteroid is quite
dangerously approaching the Earth. Астрономы предсказывают, что Eros
may well encounter our planet, in this case a catastrophe
will be much worse than the one that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
True, it will not happen soon. And will it happen? Can,
станция инопланетян установлена на Erosе как раз затем, чтобы такая
disaster never happened? ..

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