Strange meeting with the mother of the deceasedlittle daughter

This story can be told as a fairy tale, but you can perceive
as another testimony that the souls of the dead and the dead
people residing in the subtle world are able to leave it for a while,
come to your loved ones and even help them.

Now Tamara Smirnova (let’s call her that), living in one of
cities of central Russia, about thirty years. That’s what she
told …

The story of the mother, how her dead daughter saved her

I got married eight years ago. A year later, Anton and I
appeared daughter Xenia. The girl was healthy and beautiful, and we
literally doted on her soul. And when Ksyusha turned four
years, the terrible happened: our daughter was hit by a car to death …

That day, Ksyusha played on the court in the company of the same
kids I turned away only for a second and then I heard a scream
engine brakes …

Everything that happened later was like a fog. Run away
people, the ambulance arrived, the police. When the shock has passed, I have
started hysterical …

I will not describe everything that I had to go through. Only the one to whom
I had the opportunity to bury my child, able to understand my then
the senses.

Only six months later I began to gradually get out of depression and
learn to live again. But it took many more days before I realized
that she is ready to give birth to another child …

Once, when my husband was at work, I decided to start a laundry. Entered
into the bathroom – and suddenly the door to it closed by itself. I’m surprised
I wanted to push her, but the door did not give way, as if someone had locked it
outside. Suddenly the lights went out. In a panic, I piled on the door – and
then I heard a small voice that could not but recognize:

– Mom, do not make noise, please, otherwise it will be very bad …

– Ksyusha! .. – I choked, unable to believe in such

“Mom, please don’t scream,” repeated the children’s prayer.

The darkness was not absolute, and now, having gotten used to it a little, I
discerned in his step his beloved, long buried and bitter
mourned daughter. Tears strangled my throat, and, afraid of crying, I
whispered convulsively:

– Ksyushenka, my dear girl, how can I feel bad without

– Do not cry, Mom, do not need, – asked in a trembling voice
Ksyusha – I’ll come back to you, you wait …

The next second, she disappeared, and I fell down to the floor.
Something incredible was happening in my soul: there was pain here again
burst out, and the joy – from the fact that I’m just for a moment
I saw my daughter …

Suddenly a flash of light flashed, making me close my eyes, and then
the door opened by itself. Not immediately, but I soon realized
that while I was in the bathroom, robbers visited the apartment.
It turns out that Ksyusha knew about the danger and saved me! ..

Less than a year, as I gave birth to a daughter, it was an exact copy
Ksyushi Growing up, the girl and behaved the same way she once did. I
I am sure that this is my Ksyushenka came back to me, as promised, and
no one will ever convince me otherwise! ..

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