Strange moth scared her lookthe Internet

A resident of Indonesia posted in the World Wide Web terrible
the videotape made by him in his own house. Movie shows
striking moth, from the back of which stick 4 huge
black process, reminiscent of the horns of the satanic goat.

Многие пользователи the Internetа сообщают, что им это создание
resembles a hybrid of a moth and a hairy spider. Other
believe that this is a strange butterfly with the most real

What is it: a creature from another planet, a monstrous parasite
or mutation victim, asks the author of the video?

Fortunately, in fact, this moth is all right. how
it turned out that we are talking about a male bear (Creatonotos
gangis). In the mating season, these processes appear from their bodies.
(korematy), filled with blood and air. They serve the males for
distribution of pheromones and, as a result, attracting females.
To increase the effect, during the distribution of pheromones males
furiously swing their wings. The size of koremat directly depends on
how abundantly the individual fed, being a caterpillar, certain
poisonous plants.

However, even when the Network’s regulars found out that this
for the “miracle of nature”, they did not begin to experience a strong butterfly
sympathy. Especially impressionable personalities write that they would burn their
at home if you saw something like that there. And do not blame them for
so much exaggeration: watch the video and you yourself will experience
something like that, even in the easiest form. Nature is so
sophisticated on its manifestations that sometimes people think: onanas
especially scary or even mocks. Only correct
the conclusion that can be drawn from all this – miracles surround us
everywhere, so you shouldn’t go after them
lands and do not need to look for them in some mystical manifestations.
Nature itself is the greatest miracle that we cannot know …

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