Strange musical creatures caught on video inThailand

The following video was taken at the beginning of the current
of the week by a group of kayaking tourists on the Reilly Bay in
Thailand province Krabi.

Travelers say that they were amazed to the core,
when mysterious anthropomorphic was noticed during a boat trip
creatures. Amazing creatures that look like hairy red trolls,
sat on the rocks and walked through the shallow water, publishing some
incredible sounds. It looked like a bizarre
cacophony and strange inhuman singing.

On the video you can see the musical instruments in the paws of
creatures, but no one can say with accuracy what it is.
Some “trolls” walked on the water and performed obscure movements,
similar to a certain ritual. A lot of holidaymakers who are at will
case in this place, grabbed their smartphones and began to shoot
This is an incredible sight on the cameras of gadgets.

Jemael Khavaya, one of the eyewitnesses to the “performance of cryptoids”,

What the hell was that? We sailed around the bay and heard
fantastic sounds, unlike anything in the world. When we
approached the rocks, they saw these fabulous creatures, as if from
children’s books. We, as spellbound, watched this strange
a concert about half an hour, then they came to their senses and decided to take a good time
get out of there. It was the most incomprehensible and surreal
a sight in my life. If no one can explain what happened
rationally, I think that before us an unprecedented sensation!

Many users of the World Wide Web felt that it was about
some jokers in costumes. Just recently arrived in Thailand
Norwegian musician and artist Tori Vranes, known for her
avant-garde and postmodern performances, sometimes completely
absurd. Maybe it’s her handiwork?

Other Network regulars are convinced that we really
something beyond the usual. Suddenly, the rest became
witnessing the emergence of fantastic intelligent creatures living in
rocks in the middle of the ocean? It is a pity that many commentators have little faith in
such an opportunity and tend to believe that it was a certain
intricate performance.

However, watch the video yourself and maybe you will succeed
find all this a more reasonable explanation. Or, like many
travelers, believe in the tales of Thailand …

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