Strange paintings that are sold today forbig money

Probably each of us knows at least one such strange and
a very expensive painting – “Black Square” by K.Malevich. Clarify that
Kazimir Severinovich painted this canvas in 1915 at the request of
colleagues – for the exhibition of futurists. Then this picture was even called
otherwise, the “Black Quadrangle”. Hard to say as under
the effect of which Malevich found this strange “plot”, but the picture
it was somehow such a huge success that the artist repeated
its “masterpiece” at least three times (stored in the Hermitage,
The Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum). Moreover, in consequence he will say
to journalists that wrote the picture under the influence of “space
of consciousness “, although experts have recently deciphered the name
�”Black Square”, originally given and written in the picture itself
by the author (Malevich had a very illegible handwriting) – “The Battle
blacks in a dark cave “, which is an” illusion “for such
the work of the artist Alfons Allais. And no space …

However, the style of the “black square” has become popular among modern
painters who are not without success practicing such strange
the canvas is more and more. But this is not surprising, but the fact that such
картины продаются на аукционах за big money. We will not be here
To cite many examples, since “black squares” for the price
for a million dollars and a little higher is relatively much, but there is and where
more striking things, that is, “under-pictures”, as one called them
of critics sold for tens of millions of dollars.

Among them is the “masterpiece” by Say Twombi “Untitled”, priced at
auction of 69.6 million US dollars.

The painting “Black Fire” by Barnett Newman, sold at auction
for 84.2 million dollars.

Cloth Mark Rothko “Orange, red, yellow” – flown away with
hammer for 86.9 million.

The painting “The Light of Anna” again, Barnett Newman, bought for
105.7 million dollars.

It is not surprising that some experts believe that modern
society just goes crazy. And it’s not even that someone
evaluates and buys these paintings for millions of dollars (this
a kind of elite collectors game). Everything is much sadder:
someone does not know where to put the money, but someone at the same time
(millions of children in the world) starving to death …

And it would be okay if it was a matter of high art, or else …
How do you feel about all this? ..

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