Strange sounds from the sky now frightened the inhabitantsSlovakia

Trumpet sounds from the sky are heard throughout the Earth, and in the last
their time is fixed more and more often. Now they scared the inhabitants
Slovakia, которые 24 сентября нынешнего года были неприятно
surprised by this heavenly phenomenon.

One of the witnesses of these “terrible voices”, as forerunners
something bad, even recorded a video on which you can
watch the sky and listen to these mysterious noises coming from above.
Nobody knows for certain who until now who or what publishes these
trumpet sounds, although scientists have put forward various theories.

For example, Jean-Pierre St. Maurice (Jean-Pierre Saint-Maurice) –
Professor at Canadian University of Saskatchewan, a great connoisseur
physical phenomena, proves that so manifests itself noise going
from auroras. Of course, we can assume that recent
солнечные вспышки каким-то образом и до Slovakia распространили
manifestations of polar perturbations on a vast territory, but in this
case, another question arises – why the mysterious sounds just above
Slovakia? And in all other cases the trumpet voices were very

Geophysicist David Deming (David Deming) of the University of Oklahoma
believes that such a “buzz” can create telephone transmissions
or aircraft, it is not by chance that so many people hear such noise
all over the planet, almost every tenth. However really
trumpet sounds are not as frequent as this scientist suggests, but
otherwise, no one anywhere would write about them and would not argue: we didn’t
marvel at lightning and thunder.

NASA employees have their own theory about this: they are atmospheric.
interference, so-called, atmospherics, which in some places
Suddenly break into the range heard by our ears. But if u
people instead of a hearing aid were antennas, NASA workers write,
then such a “symphony of sounds” would be constantly trapped by us. Highly
vague and not explaining a statement. Why these
atmospherics suddenly begin to literally blow, so much so that people
scared? And why again so locally?

For example, the statement of the Russian
scientist Andrei Tyunyaev – academician and author of the book “Metaphysics
Earth’s climate ”, in which he writes that pipe sounds from the sky can
to explain by the fact that there is a polarity reversal on Earth,
which will fully end next November. And then this
interesting celestial phenomenon, rolling across the planet,
stop …

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