Strange things yours China

The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom continue to amaze the whole world, because
the traditions of this people to residents of, for example, Western Europe or the USA
sometimes they seem so wild that they make real
legends, often not having a real basis.

For example, for some reason, Europeans are sure that the Chinese will never
they rescue drowning people, they have a ban on it, they say,
religious veto. According to Buddhist beliefs (the most
common religion in China), the fate of man is predetermined
above, and therefore drowning in the same sea is better not to touch, because,
if you save him, he will still drown another time – why
prolong life agony?

However, in reality, things are somewhat different. In China,
as on all other beaches of the world, there is a rescue service on
water. But as for the initiative to save drowning people
side of ordinary Chinese, then there really is
some confusion. However, it does not come from religious
beliefs, and from family traditions: most of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom
do not know how to swim. Moreover, parents themselves are afraid of water
intimidate her and her children – it turns out a vicious circle.

Therefore, the Chinese often go into the water only to the waist,
splashing in shallow water, and not floating like all other people. And if
really someone is drowning in the eyes of such Chinese, then they, by
understandable reason, do not rush to save the unfortunate, because not in
the power to do this.

China is a country of hardened atheists

By the way, note that the main “religion” of modern China
is not even Buddhism, but communism. This eloquently speaks
even such a fresh fact that in the People’s Republic of China it was recently banned to sell
through the online Bible shops. And although journalists relate this to
first of all with the deterioration of the country’s leadership with
The Vatican, in fact, everything is much more serious.
Suffice it to say that in the Celestial Empire for the last two years they have closed
hundreds of Christian churches, removed from them almost 2 thousand crosses. With
this is the same Buddhists are not subjected to such persecution, although the main
The country’s population today is hardened atheists …

As for saving or not saving drowning people, to faith is how
we see has nothing to do. In China, even foreigners are not
especially seeking to assist the victims of the water, because
tourists are immediately warned of the consequences of such humane

In China, fraud is widely developed, when a lifeguard can then
blame the violence, the damage and so on. So that,
coming to the aid of the Chinese, you can completely get into it or how
still speak in Russia, sit in a puddle.

And finally, we will smile: for the local population in relation to
tourists here, too, have their own prohibitions, for example, they are under fear
serious punishment is not allowed to be presented to visitors as
Jackie Chan…

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