Strange tiger puzzled scientists

The Amur Tiger behaved so inadequately that at first
attracted the attention of local residents, and then experts had to
catch the animal and transport it to a rehabilitation center.

And it all started with the fact that on the sandy spit of the Bikin Dalny river
A tiger appeared in the east of Russia, near the village of Yasenevsky,
who for some reason did not go into the taiga, was not afraid of people and did not show
no aggression. Tourists, of course, immediately removed the mysterious
animal on video and posted videos on the Internet. At the same time about
This was promptly informed by the staff of the Primorsky and
Khabarovsk Territory, who realized that something was wrong with the tiger
therefore they turned to the scientists of the “Amur Tiger” cent.

Currently, the head of this center told reporters.
Sergey Aramilev, we caught and examined the animal, but … not
found no signs of injury or illness in him which
sometimes predators are forced to behave inadequately, such as
now. Of course, some diseases have an incubation period, during
the time of which determine what happens in the animal’s body,
difficult, although the tiger itself is already responding to the disease. In general, time
will show, but for now … the tiger is under the supervision of veterinarians and him
nothing threatens …

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