Strange UFO found on archival photo�Apollo 15

Any competent ufologist will tell you that archival materials
the US National Space Agency hide
a huge number of curious details that are official
science is unlikely to wish to explain.

So, the famous UFO hunter using a pseudonym
Streetcap10, made another discovery the other day, looking at pictures
NASA Apollo 15 mission in 1971. The specialist claims that
noticed an unidentified flying object on an old photo.

The ninth manned spacecraft of the Apollo program,
made the fourth landing of people on our natural satellite
planets once brought to Earth not only their crew, but also
A lot of photo cassettes filmed showing the moon, earth and space
space. Either the NASA staff overlooked or they didn’t
suspected that people from all over the world will be decades
study these pictures but representatives of the american
the aeronautical department made a mistake by posting the data
materials are widely available, especially in our digital age

Now any ordinary Internet user can, if desired
find evidence that we are not alone in the universe. how
it is known that governments and the military try their best to hide
this information. Why? Yes, because humanity is much easier
control if you convince him that our “blue ball” is
the only habitable planet, and from all that injustice
which we observe here daily, we cannot go anywhere.
Despite the fact that scientists are constantly talking about the colonization of other
heavenly bodies, they absolutely do not intend to seriously engage
by this.

Streetcap10 says that unexpectedly discovered a strange
white anomaly photographed above the surface of the moon during
mission “Apollo 15”. The researcher believes that this aircraft
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, interested then
so frisky activity of earthlings. Estimated spaceship
alien looks like a shapeless spot or some bright
a bunch of energy. Skeptics on the World Wide Web claim that
This is for sure an artifact of the film or a defect that appeared during digitization.

Conspiracy therapists from among those who believe that Americans never
did not fly to the moon, generally shocked by such a finding by a ufologist. They
believe that NASA staff specifically planted
all these “savory” photographs, which, as rightly considered
American psychologists will become much more convincing
proof of the reality of the lunar missions of the United States than shot in
Hollywood pavilions astronaut landing scene

And you see, supporters of the global conspiracy say how much
time has passed, what evidence has not just surfaced over these
decades that Americans are great hoaxes, and in
To all, it is obvious in the current Martian programs, and researchers
cosmos, including orthodox science-independent ufologists,
still play into the hands of NASA, indirectly confirming their lunar
missions …

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