Strange water creature filmedAlaska civil servants

On the Internet, a video showing
as employees of the Bureau of State and Public Administration
land in Alaska, working in the city of Fairbanks, once took off on
video something strange, floating in the local river Chen. Craig
Makkaa and Ryan Delaney noticed an object in the water that was initially
took for a few pieces of ice. However, Americans are fast
they realized that we were talking about something much more unusual.

Strange “floes”, witnesses of this incident write, moving
strictly one after another, and beneath them was something gray,
writhing in the water and clearly swimming along a sensible path. how
It is not difficult to guess, surprised civil servants felt that speech
talking about a mysterious creature – a river monster. Mackay quickly got out
your smartphone and captured the alleged creature, and in very
good quality. The entity shortly afterwards disappeared under the bridge,
on which men stood, and no longer appeared on the surface

By turning on the video below, you can see
called “Fairban Nessie” (not yet famous)
with my own eyes. And although this video was shot for quite a long time (two years
back in the spring), in the city of Fairbanks, according to the authors
material, the locals still, no, no, yes notice on the river
strange movements, very similar to the movements of the huge “water

Skeptics who watched the video claim that it most certainly was
a frozen rope that floated down the river, but they agree with them
not all users of the World Wide Web.

By the way, many residents of Alaska confirm that the local rivers,
lakes, forests and plains hide many mysterious creatures about
which official science had never heard of. And if you heard
it is traditionally just shrugs off such “miracles”. However,
does it right, because the fact that logic cannot be understood or not
recommended to explain to the general public by the authorities above,
the best is not to “disturb”, which is what Orthodox scholars do, and
not only in America, but practically all over the world …

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