Strange white energy hit the cameraobservations

Many of us ask ourselves: what is a ghost? According to
popular belief, ghosts come from fine
the other world. However, what are they? A lot of
researchers of supernatural phenomena say that spirits and
phantoms are energy. Even the orthodox scholars confirm that
only energy exists forever and constantly goes from one
states to another. It turns out, ghosts in varying degrees
are real?

Be that as it may, the user of a popular news feed
resource “Reddit” under the pseudonym Wunkles does not believe too much in
ghosts ringing at night in ancient castles. but
man admits the existence of energy, the nature of which can not
still be explained by official science. And precisely such a clot
energy, according to Wunkles, recently hit the camera
observations, установленную снаружи его дома. Our hero turned out
quite puzzled and even a little scared by the video received. Before him
never had to face anything beyond

Turning on the video below, you can see
translucent white ball slowly flying over the ground. By
According to experts interested in this video, mysterious
the object has a meaningful trajectory of movement, as if it were in the very
really a living being. Wunkles clarifies that his camera is equipped
sensor that responds to movement. When the device fixes
an outside presence, it sends a message to the owner of the house
phone. However, the smart technique never works falsely,
for example, on insects, dust, or any light reflections.

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