Striking rainbow disc captured overThe philippines

The following video was taken on July 10 of this
year resident of the Philippine city of General Santos. Man was
amazed when I noticed a huge rainbow disk among the clouds in the sky,
whose diameter was to be at least half

Many users of the World Wide Web felt that it was about
some weird atmospheric phenomenon. True, there were
the mystics who perceive a certain sign in this rainbow disk,
foreshadowing some troubles, and even universal cataclysms.

However, it was not without alien versions. So omnipresent
ufologist and conspirologist Scott Waring published this video in his
site, having signed, that we face a uniquely huge “flying
a plate of aliens masquerading as a cloud. Sometimes, writes
specialist, there is some kind of failure, as in this case, and then
masking partially flies from the alien ship, why and
there is such an “anomaly” that is difficult to explain scientifically
view …

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