Striking sculptures found inHimalayas

Russian and Indian scientists currently working in
Himalayas, сделали весьма удивительное, можно даже сказать,
a startling discovery.

An international expedition led by Natalia Polosmak from
The Russian Academy of Sciences has found in the region of Kashmir two unusual
ritual complex with many stone sculptures. All these
statues made in the early Middle Ages, depict
riders on horseback. According to the authors of the find, sculpture
have unique features that may allow
professionals learn about the mysterious people who once inhabited this

Representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences say that the Russian-Indian team
находится в Himalayas уже три года, при этом последний год стал для
researchers most successful and productive. Traces of the people about
to which official science was not known until today
absolutely nothing was found in a difficult region on
indian-pakistan border

Experts emphasize that the discovered ritual complexes
are high in the mountains, and get to them unprepared
man is almost impossible. This is probably why
no one has visited for many centuries.

In total we are talking about two hundred sculptures of riders. Some
sculptures depict one rider on a horse, the others – whole
three or four people on the horse’s back. It is possible that these
sculptures are related to any mystical beliefs
mysterious indian people.

Each statue is skillfully made and decorated with luxurious carvings.
Experts have not yet managed to find two identical horses.
It is noteworthy that the decoration of stone horses allowed scientists
carry these sculptures to the early middle ages, although the real ones
research of this finding is still ahead …

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