Striking video with fiery tornado shot inPortugal

В Portugal, где сейчас активно воюют с лесными пожарами,
recorded a rare atmospheric phenomenon. Residents of the city of Arganila
witnessed the appearance of a fire tornado.

Such a tornado is formed when many fires
unite into one. The air above the fire heats up, and because
reducing its density, the fire begins to soar upward.
The formation of stable centripetal flows leads to
that the fire spirals up to a considerable height, which
can reach five kilometers.

It is incredibly beautiful, but at the same time extremely dangerous.
phenomenon. Such a vortex can smash in a matter of minutes
a fire for many tens of kilometers, absorbing everything in its
of the way. It is not by chance that many Portuguese call it the “Devil’s Eye” and
it is not without reason that this devilish entity is believed to possess
mind and purposeful destructive power. To fight with
fire tornado is almost impossible, and therefore rescuers every
once forced to wait until it weakens and disappears by itself.

�“The Eye of the Devil” inspires the Portuguese mystical fear,
since he is ruthless and insidious, and modern technical
funds against him are powerless. Over the past month, residents of the country
suffered a lot because of the fires. Currently here
there are over 300 fires that are fought around
1500 lifeguards. More than 70 people became victims of the elements.
Citizens from the central and northern parts of the country massively leave
their houses and evacuated by the authorities to a safe place.

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