Strolling through the clouds human figurehit the video

A mysterious post appeared on Facebook
demonstrating, presumably, some amazing phenomenon
supernatural nature. According to the author of the video, he shot
stormy sky and suddenly noticed in the sky a vague human
a figure walking in the clouds among the clouds.

A startled eyewitness could not take his eyes off this picture, as
and the camera lens, thanks to which he captured what he saw on the digital
carrier. Alas, while this video somehow did not
sensational, not riveted the attention of a huge number of curious
and specialists, as it usually happens. However, we believe
that this is very interesting material suggestive of some

But what was it really? Some would say that
we are talking about an angel or some other religious entity.
Others will consider that we have a ghost or chronomyrage. Third
definitely think about the aliens. Well, skeptics, of course,
declare that it is a bizarre paradolic illusion caused
movement of cloud layers in the pre-stormy sky.

Of course, each of these theories has a right to exist.
Only if it was an optical illusion, then truly
unique because at some moments the mysterious dark
Silhouette can consider the head, torso, arms and legs. And all this
�The “illusory construction” was moving (walking through the clouds) and
for some reason it did not break up, as if demonstrating its real
presence in the sky …

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