Super moon and planetary parade seriously affectearthquakes

Dutch explorer Frank Hogherbets believes that after
super moon that earthlings experienced on December 3 of this year, our
планету ожидают сильнейшие earthquakes. After all, behind the full moon
a parade of planets followed, which added seismic
activity on Earth.

The scientist even posted a video on the Internet about this.
(see below) in which he explains in detail what will be and how
take place. Moreover, Khogerbetz immediately stipulates that it is his
personal calculations, and let them be ridiculed by orthodox scientists,
full moons still strongly influence seismic activity
of our planet because they do not listen to the opinion

Please note that it is in full moons and super moons on Earth
начинают происходить самые мощные earthquakes. And if this still
a parade of planets is added – wait for real trouble. By the way, by the way
people knew in ancient times, and only our scientists make
pretend that if the moon is now lining up with Saturn and
Mercury, it means nothing. This is a profound error, and if
Mercury is connected in one line with Uranus and the Sun – this is completely
serious impact of SS planets on our Earth.

According to Frank Hogherbets, seismologists should listen to his
opinion, and at least in practice, check out this in general simple
a theory that can be much more useful than all their clever
modern appliances. It’s enough to watch
seismic activity in the current week and compare all this with
super moon and parade of planets.

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