Supernatural activity in the old househit the camcorder lens

American contractor Rocky Mills (pictured above) was engaged
repair work in the home of his client – an old building,
built back in the 1900s. The worker was there alone, however
for a certain moment it seemed to him that there was someone else in the house.

Puzzled man pulled out a smartphone and began to shoot a video
so that if something happens to capture the stranger on the camera and show him
claims, say, to the police. Shouting the alleged intruder,
Our hero began to walk around the premises and even looked into the basement. BUT
then something unexpected happened.

At some point, the American saw one of the doors
slowly slowly opened – by itself. Rocky was taken aback by such
surprises and even a little scared, but pulled himself together and
I went to find out what was going on. When he once again approached
The basement door slammed shut. �“Who is here ?!” shouted
Mills, throwing it open.

When in the basement the light flashed in a strange way, the man was already
seriously frightened and, having thrown a smartphone on the floor with the camera turned on,
ran away from there. But that is not all. Left lying on the floor
the recorder suddenly began to move and spin itself
what is noticeable in the fragment of the video that he shot (see
video). Obviously, such devilry can no longer be explained by drafts.
and problems in the wiring.

Mills admits that after the incident he refused to work in
this house. Many World Wide Web users who viewed
The video below shows that this is the right decision.
According to some commentators, there is probably a demon in the building.
or some other evil force. Finally, the third even
advised Rocky to take the smartphone to church for consecration or
change it to a new one: the gadget has clearly been in the “hands” of the ghost and
can now pose a certain danger …

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