Supernatural activity recorded inmansion in vermont

Despite the mysterious footage below
It was received on September 17, 2016, its authors decided
submit unusual material to the court of the Internet public
just now.

American Chris Goodwin and his research team
supernatural phenomena then visited the mansion in Vermont,
considered damned. According to the owners of the dwelling, there is always
There are various unexplained and very frightening phenomena.

Especially “unclean” is considered a room with an old baby carriage
– it was in this room that the ghost hunters installed a camera.
And here’s why: the owners of the mansion argued that they tried many times
get rid of the stroller, but that every time in a mystical way
returned to their home.

Several times from this room we heard a quiet baby cry, but
one night they saw in the carriage the vague outlines of a baby. Other
in words, the paranormal for this place is quite common
a business.

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