Superstitions and our mysterious world

Despite the fact that the rational mind of man can not
to accept national signs, reducing them to such a contemptuous concept
as “superstition”, in fact, and black road
cat, and salt spilled, and many other beliefs may be
far from being random dummies, but some signs from above. BUT
therefore, it is not very reasonable to dismiss them.

Especially if you believe in Eastern wisdom, that random in
this life is nothing. Do not interfere also listen to
According to the founder of the spiritual teachings “Transurfing” Vadim
Zeland, who advises to notice the signs scattered around and
everywhere like milestones. They are tips for us, how and what you need
do not to fall into the black stripe of life. They just need
be able to “read”, which is why it is worth being more attentive (constantly
to keep the consciousness “here” and now ”), thus learning
this technique of “communication” with the world …

That is, to underestimate the popular wisdom is not worth it, but she

To guard against something bad, you need to knock on wood

It is said that this sign originated in Russia at a time when
Slavs believed in the forces of nature and successfully used them, and therefore
knock on wood (it is now – on any wooden thing)
meant to wake up the spirit of the forest, and more specifically – the spirit of your
tree protector. It is this natural force that is able to protect
man from many evils, including energy “breakdowns”,
for example, the evil eye.

You can not whistle in the house

According to popular belief, whistling scares evil spirits (like,
however, and selective mat). However, in each house (in each apartment)
there lives such a caring spirit of the dwelling as a brownie. And he, being, by
essence, too, evil, though useful to humans (somehow
people are in love with this spirit), I hate whistling in a house (like
mate), why can even take offense at the owners and begin to harm them
(instead of help). So before you whistle and swear in your
home, you need to think three times, and whether to do it. You are not
for example, make a fire in the apartment, knowing that it is dangerous.
This is the same thing, and even more dangerous …

Do not talk over the threshold

The threshold is for a man the frontier between the fortress of his own house
and external, full of all sorts of dangers, the world. Speak
through the threshold – it means to violate the border, to create some
energy passage through which the enemy (ghosts, poltergeist
and so on) can break into your home.

By the way, it is the brownie in this case that protects the home from
penetration into it of any entity, most often not letting it into the house
no evil, but you should not tempt fate, especially if
you are not sure if there is such a reliable protector in your apartment. BUT
all of a sudden you chased him away with your “boorish behavior” …

Sprinkle salt – unfortunately

Probably every one of us from school has heard the explanation
this superstition which is that salt used to be
very expensive. Even from a logical point of view, such explanations are clearly
far-fetched. Imagine that you have lost the precious golden
ring, unless you will associate this tragedy with the upcoming
new misfortunes that now await you?

BUT рассыпанную дорогую соль (в отличие, от того же потерянного
rings) actually could be collected from the table, even from the floor …
Indisputable atheist logic with its superficial explanation
I did everything so that we completely forgot about the main thing. And we – forgot
because about expensive salt people say more often (from an early
childhood we drive into this nonsense head) when it comes to
folk omens and superstitions. Therefore – try not to salt
wake up …

Do not wear things inside out

It is said that the ancient Slavs deliberately dressed inside out
in some cases, when it was necessary to somehow contact
unclean. For example, a man lost in the woods, dressed
inside out, could count on the patronage of the leshego, who
will lead out of the thicket, or, conversely, stop driving along it. Well and so

BUTтеист с его рационалистическим мышлением объясняет это все
much simpler: putting something inside the clothes inside out means
show disrespect for the one who did it. Hence, they say, and was born
this is a sign, hence all the problems arising from such
changing clothes. How to logically connect it is not clear. But if
dig deeper into omens and superstitions, it becomes clear
the main thing: the reality in which we exist with you, a lot
more mysterious than it is presented to us by scientists with their rather flawed
by logic, and in this reality not only physical, but also
and spiritual laws that also need to be known and respected.

For example, we do not jump from the tenth floor, knowing that
we break up. But we can completely neglect (or simply don’t know)
the laws of the subtle world, breaking which we create for ourselves and our
loved ones are much more serious and long-term problems than us
it seems from our superficial view of this world which
for some reason, it’s not at all what we want …

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