Supervolcano Yellowstone can be cooled?

Of course, the explosion of Supervolcano Yellowstone will suffer in
first of all north america which can just be erased with
faces of the earth. However, according to scientists, the consequences of such
eruptions can be much more serious affecting the existence
of our planet as a whole.

For example, in the most pessimistic scenario, the explosion
Yellowstone will lead to a global food cut and,
most importantly, drinking water on Earth, which may be enough for the current
the number of earthlings on the strength of 2-3 months. And then … the struggle for
survival. Therefore, it is not a fact that it is better: it is easy to die immediately from
of fire and ash, or tormented for a long time – from hunger and thirst.

NASA offered its own solution to this global problem:
cool supervolcano with water. Today, more than 70 percent
the heat of the volcano flies away into the atmosphere, while the energy
Yellowstone can be fully utilized by constantly cooling it and
thereby keeping the ratio of oxygen and methane at the level
which will guarantee the impossibility of an explosion.

To do this in the magma chamber, approximately to a depth of
ten kilometers, according to NASA scientists, you need to pump water.
�”Pleasure” is, of course, very expensive, according to the most modest
counting the initial investment will cost the US nearly four billion
dollars, not to mention the “contingency.” However in
In the future, this project can pay off handsomely, because water,
heated to 350 degrees Celsius can be used in
geothermal power station. So the volcano yellowstone
will, on the one hand, continue to “sleep”, and on the other –
produce super cheap electricity.

NASA’s proposal is currently being discussed by the government.
United States, and scientists are already preparing detailed drawings,
calculations and calculations.

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