Supervolcano Yellowstone continues to scareof americans

According to US Geological Survey (USGS), in Idaho
two serious seismic shocks were recorded at 4.3 and 5.3 points
on the Richter scale, followed by whiter light afteshocks by
force a little less than 4 balls. Local residents reported that this
the earthquakes were very noticeable, although they did not cause them any

The epicenter of the jolts, as established by seismologists, was located on
about ten miles twenty miles east of
Sod Springs, no damage or tragedy has been fixed yet. AND
like you can not worry about anything.

However, the experts were disturbed by the earthquake
with supervolcano Yellowstone. The fact is that from its caldera to
Sod Springs, where the current tremors have occurred, just two hundred
kilometers Therefore, seismologists have reasonably
the suspicion that the Idaho earthquake is directly related to
the processes that occur in the caldera of the Yellowstone Volcano,
которые продолжает держать of americans в напряжении.

US scientists still do not know how to resolve this
the problem. NASA’s recent proposals to cool supervolcano with water
few experts are satisfied because such an intervention
may have the opposite effect. And the world community at the same time
continues to monitor the development of events near Yellowstone
parties like their unpredictable giant volcano
concerns …

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