Surveillance camera caught in the lens�”Elephant smoker”

Surveillance camera of the Indian National Park Nagarachol
caught in her lens a unique moment when the elephant “smokes”,
as the animal in the video clearly releases smoke from the mouth.

As we know, elephants are very intelligent animals, for example, they
bury their dead relatives, and often – and other animals.
Elephants, as you know, even adore vodka, but now that they smoke,
this was not noticed behind them. And suddenly this …

A smoking elephant accidentally hit the lens of one of the camcorders,
established in the park by employees of the Society for the Protection of Wild Animals
purpose of studying the life of tigers. And on the video we can
observe how the elephant stood and blew smoke from its mouth.

However, as it turned out, the animal did not smoke at all, but ate coal
on one of the scorched bands of the forest for the purpose of non-spreading fire.
Eating coal animals before that was recorded only with
sides of Zanzibar red colobus primates, which, in addition to
person, use it purposefully, apparently, in order to combat
harmful effects of phenolic compounds that are found in
leaves of some plants eaten by these monkeys. But to
elephants consumed coal, no one has yet recorded this.

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