Surveillance camera recordedsupernatural activity in the house

One of the users of the popular social network “Reddit” claims
that in her house dwells the real evil. Woman and her fiance
moved to a new home last fall and immediately felt
there is something amiss. Soon the couple began to hear at night, as in
dishes are rattling in the kitchen, and empty ones are rolling in the basement
glass jars. In addition, in the bedroom of lovers became
periodically appear strange sugary smell.

The video below was taken a couple of days ago.
surveillance camera installed in the living room of the future spouses
specifically to detect otherworldly entities that are already
got a young couple. Our heroine and her dog dozed off during the day when
the walls nearby unexpectedly a heavy calendar flew off by itself.
It is noteworthy that the couple’s pet was already agitated before
the alleged supernatural phenomenon happened as if
had a premonition of him or saw a ghostly performer. When
the subject knocked on the floor, the hostess awoke too.

Many Reddit regulars immediately suggested that the calendar
hung on a rope or fishing line that just broke off. None
however, the woman claims that the frame was nailed to the wall by two
nails that would not allow the object to fall due to a draft or
even tremors. In addition, the dog’s behavior clearly indicates
that we are talking about something that goes beyond the ordinary. Probably,
before us is real proof of the existence of otherworldly
entities – poltergeist, ghosts and other evil spirits.

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