Surviving marsupial wolf or cryptoid?

Three Australian hunters who have recently installed in the forest
video camera, reported that the device’s lens may again
hit the marsupial wolf, which is considered extinct since 1936.

Men engaged in fishing in South Tasmania, hurried
share the received record with Internet users, since
the mystery with this animal still stirs the Australian
continent, and biologists of the whole planet.

The following video demonstrates at 2:45
incomprehensible animal that runs right in front of the camera. 15
seconds later another beast is shown, this time in the distance among
trees. Despite the fact that you see at least one of them
tilacin is quite difficult, the Australians believe that this may be
it is he or even a pair of Tasmanian wolves.

In total, these hunters have installed 14 video traps in recent years.
in the forests, however, not one of them has ever imprinted
animals that would be difficult to identify. Many
cryptozoologists believe that tilacins are still alive, and their small
the population is found in nature in the depths of the island. Other
Researchers believe that the elusiveness of the Tasmanian wolf can be
explain only by the fact that it simply does not exist, it has long died out.

Then what kind of animal, very similar to the marsupial wolf,
periodically gets into the lenses of video cameras? Is it really another
cryptids from a parallel world? Or maybe phantoms from the video
the world of the dead? After all, dead animals, as evidenced by numerous
photo and video materials also appear (and often) in our
physical reality in the form of ghosts …

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