Suspicious claps recorded over the Zone51

Famous Zone 51, where in 1947 the US military,
presumably, conducted experiments on the downed “flying
with the plate “and the remains of the stranger on board, continues
give ufologists surprises. Now experts have recorded
suspicious sounds coming from a secret military base on
south of Nevada. To be more precise, we are talking about unexplained
double claps, somewhat reminiscent of rolling noise
supersonic speed of the aircraft.

However, researchers of unidentified flying objects
claim that it could not have been an aircraft created
by man. Publish two cotton no known aircraft
is able to. Is it really about the invasion of “green men”
wishing to start revenge on the Americans for their slain
kindred? Or is the United States testing advanced
aircraft, which has not yet seen the world? Can there be
so that this winged car created on the basis of alien
technology? Unfortunately, so far all that remains to conspiracy therapists
it is to build similar guesses.

Experts have made their amazing discovery about
weather stations in the vicinity of the town of Rachel. Ufologists often
gather here because this place is relatively close
to Zone 51, but the military do not drive anyone out of here. It is in this
point on the edge of the so-called “twilight zone” researchers
recorded incredible claps unexpectedly heard from the sky over
military base. Some eyewitnesses were really scared,
finding that an invisible war machine is circling over this territory,
having the opportunity at any time to open on curious people
the fire.

By turning on the 8-minute video below, you can see
flights over the F-22 Raptor multipurpose fighter jets,
leaving white condensation trails in the sky. Clearly heard
loud double claps, however the nature of such sound doublets
remains unknown. If you look closely at
fighters, you can see that they behave very strangely,
as if performing the role of a convoy for some invisible object.
It seems that Zone 51, the existence of which with a creak recognized only
70 years after its discovery, in fact hides from
public something amazing.

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