Svinushka insidious edible mushroom

Soviet citizens have always been very fond of mushrooms.
Some collected them for themselves, others handed over to reception points for
further industrial processing. But in 1981 among the population
stopped taking the mushroom with the funny name “pig” …

Ban the pig to receive from the public

In June 1981 USSR Ministry of Health officially banned the reception of swine
from the population, as evidenced by the document “Sanitary Rules
on the harvesting and processing of mushrooms. Svushki disappeared from the registry
allowed for harvesting. However, people continued to pick them up.
for their homework, why three years later at the insistence
deputy The country’s chief sanitary doctor svushki were listed in
discharge of poisonous.

Why did a nerd die from edible pig?

The first dangerous properties of these fungi revealed in 1944. Deutsch
nerd Julius Scheffer. The scientist ate svinushki and after more than two
weeks died from acute renal failure. However a riddle
mushroom guessed (only in the mid 80s of the last century)
René Flammmer, the famous Swiss medic, who then wrote,
that Julius Schaeffer died not because he poisoned himself with a dish of
pigs, but because, apparently, he loved to feast on these
mushrooms. However, at that time, as we have said, in the USSR svinushki
were already banned.

The mystery of the treacherous pig

Many Soviet mushroom pickers, including experienced, willingly
They collected a pig (and they still collect it) and without fear
consumed without feeling after symptoms typical symptoms
poisoning. It is this circumstance, as they claimed, and
proved the edibility of these fungi. In reality
Svinushki are not just poisonous, but also very insidious, because
many contain specific toxins that do not collapse even when
repeated and long cooking.

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