Swarms of birds attacked the anomalous againcrossroads in america

Few people know that in the American city of Mesquite on
Northeast Texas has an anomalous intersection that
annually attracts thousands of black birds. Every year, first
February, to this place, as if by magic,
rushes countless feathered raiders. They are loud
they shout, circle over the road, stick around trees and pillars, beat about
cars. Birds interfere with the movement of vehicles, and passersby even
risk being left without eyes.

Neither the people of official science, nor the researchers of the supernatural
phenomena, nor eminent psychics unable to explain why
a seemingly ordinary junction on one of the central
streets of Mezquita attracts, like a magnet, hordes of feathered, and
Required in early February. Maybe here at this time of year.
there is some attractive energy for the birds? Or it comes
about the peculiar ritual of the black flyers? Turning on the one below
the video, you can see this fantastic invasion of birds
on Mesquite this year.

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