Swift “flying saucer” sped overGrand Canyon in the USA

Above the American Grand Canyon, which is located in Arizona
on the Colorado Plateau (Grand Canyon National Park, as well as
reservation of Indian tribes Havasupai, Navajo, Valapai) by chance
was shot fast UFO, in its form resembling
classic “flying saucer” (see video below).

The enormous speed of the flying machine, on the one hand,
proves that it is not a drone, not a bird and not even the creation of earthly
technology, especially since the object is quite large, and worn as
bullet. In addition, according to the author of the video, the UFO was shot by him
completely by accident since his human eye is not even
fixed in the sky: the operator simply shot the panorama, which
He seemed fantastically attractive against the backdrop of
storms. And this “plate-disk” flashed absolutely silently, that
again proves its alien origin.

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