Swim along the river so as not to stand in the citytraffic jams

Urban traffic jams are becoming a serious problem in
the life of any big modern city. And fight them
individual urban dweller can only relatively. But how
it turns out, after all, it can and sometimes is very original.

For example, a German named Benjamin David, who lives in Munich,
which, like all residents of this metropolis, could not avoid problems with
traffic jams, found an unusual way to get to work and
back home during peak hours, bypassing the hassle on the roads, swearing in
these terrible congestion, exhaust from cars and other
unpleasant and unhealthy things.

Every morning of the working day Benjamin collects the things he needs
in a special swimming backpack and dives into the waters of the Isar River.
In the evening he does the same, only in the opposite direction. Two
kilometers along the waterway there – two from there. In the cold season
a man wears a wetsuit, in a warm suit with swimming trunks.

Compared to traveling by car, it takes him away.
significantly less time, but there are other advantages:

  • clean air, no gas pollution by exhaust gases
  • no one gets in the way because those who want to repeat such
    route is not yet, not counting the ducks;
  • water invigorates much better than morning coffee, and such “forced
    swims “improve the health of the Germans;
  • achieved a certain money savings that benjamin
    now does not spend either on gasoline or on travel in the city
  • Finally, he does not spoil the nerves because of the fear of being late for

The disadvantage, as the swimmer himself admits, is in this case only one,
Yes, and that is very relative: people often make fun of him with
shores, now there are evil gossipers on the Internet, however
compared with all the advantages, this minus can simply not be taken in

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