Swiss cheese makers are sure musicimproves the taste of cheese

Swiss living in the Emmental region and producing there
famous eponymous variety of cheese, told about their very
unusual experiment. Not long ago, local cheese makers decided
check if music can affect the quality of their product, and
Strongly engaged in experiments in this direction.

Beginning in September of this year, Beat Wampfler and his colleagues
daily include in their cheese factory music: from works
classics to the winding rock. Vampfleur is convinced that the temperature
moisture and composition of cheese are not the only factors
affecting its maturation.

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​the Swiss sounds very strange and even
fantastic, they managed to bring to the experiment specialists from
University of the Arts in Bern. At first, experts expressed
undisguised skepticism, however, then studied in laboratory
chemical composition of cheeses before and after “listening”
music It turned out that there is a difference, and a significant one.

This is not surprising, since scientists have long been
proved that music can influence, for example, the development
plants and water composition. Why would she not then
affect the taste of cheese, also consisting of up to 40
percent of the water and besides being one of the most
refined and demanding in cooking products?

This test for cheese makers will be March 15 of the next
years when they take their products to the nationwide
Swiss Cheese Fair. It is there that reputable judges will determine
how much is the “Emmental-music lover” different from their “brothers”,
никогда не слышавших music If the “musical” cheese really
will be tastier, more refined and more aromatic than usual, then a new
other Swiss will certainly want to adopt the technology
cheese makers.

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