Sydney family caught on the river videomonster

65-year-old resident of Sydney Feti Ada and his relatives clashed on
days with something quite strange while fishing. Mysterious
The incident took place on the Hawksbury River in the state of New South
Wales. Unidentified creature suddenly seemed near the boat
families. River monster about 10 seconds stuck out of the water, after
which again disappeared in the depths. Fortunately and even some
surprise users of the Internet, shocked Australians
managed to catch the video of the alleged cryptide.

Father of the family says:

This incomprehensible creature had a very dark color. It
looked very much like a man, as if it were some kind of
the swimmer stuck his head out of the water and looked displeased at our boat,
they say what are you doing here? My brother automatically threw at him
bait and thereby frightened the creature. I’d love to believe that
this animal is not dangerous for people, because there are a lot of fishermen here,
moreover, people bathe in the river. We sent the received video
to specialists, so that they look at it and determine what we are

Felicity Brownrigg, who works as a rescue secretary for
Hawksbury River, read the mysterious record and came to
concluded that it captures the usual seal. However, many
World Wide Web users did not agree with the specialist. Alone
Internet regulars believe that the real hit
mermaid. Others are convinced that it was an unknown water science.
animal. According to the third, we are talking about something inanimate.

In any case, the version of the mysterious cryptide prevails over
all other opinions. People are already starting to understand that we
constantly in touch with some other worlds, from where to us
breaks all this “evil”. Deny presence in our
the reality of the mysterious and elusive yeti, flying humanoids,
snakes and foot-and-mouth disease are becoming more and more difficult, no matter how
wanted orthodoxes from science who, even theoretically recognizing
parallel worlds why they don’t want to believe in their actual
interaction with our physical reality …

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