Syrian Magneto – boy namedZulfikar

Journalists talked about Syrian Magneto – a boy named
Zulfikar Ибрагим, который буквально притягивает своим телом
metal objects holding them for a long time.

We offer you all this to look at the video, where Zulfikar
Ibrahim demonstrates his amazing abilities when to his
stomach like spoons, forks and other metal “stick”
items. By the way, the young hero himself is not particularly happy with such
abilities because they make him an outcast among peers, and
his relatives are concerned about the health of the child.

Из-за того, что Zulfikar в чем-то похож на героя комиксов,
telling about the X-Men team, the boy is increasingly called
Syrian Magneto, that is, superman, able to control
with metals. So far this “management” adds to the family of Ibrahim only
extra hassle that is expressed in close attention to
their lives are outsiders, now also journalists …

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