Szvonk – the most miserable and ridiculous cryptoid inthe world

According to cryptozoologists, a huge population of our planet lives
many not known official science creatures, but no more
miserable and ridiculous cryptida than squonk.

According to legend, it is a sad and very harmless animal.
dwells in coniferous forests in the north of the us state
Pennsylvania. Squonk was first talked about at the end of the 19th century,
when in the local forest industry was observed unprecedented

In print, the earliest information about this monster appeared in
1910 American writer and journalist William Cox issued
then a book called “Creepy Beings of Forests, Deserts, and Mountains”, in
which, among other things, has devoted a whole turn to the squash, not
failing to provide the article with an illustration. Coke Beast Information
took from the stories of lumberjacks and other witnesses who allegedly
managed to meet a strange little animal.

However, in the book about creepy creatures such a cryptide is clearly not
place, as this mythical animal can only cause
pity and compassion, but certainly not fear or horror. According to the legend,
Squonk has a bare, flabby skin covered with numerous
growths, spots and warts. This intelligent being is beautiful
aware of his ugliness and trying to hide from outsiders
eye. It leads a secluded life in the depths of forests and constantly
crying because of her disgusting appearance. At least
narrate legends. The animal is herbivorous and feeds on plants
berries, mushrooms, nuts, cones.

Leaves its shelter squonk only at night. To his presence
in the forest can indicate copious wet traces of tears and the sound of crying.
It is believed that it is easiest to see this mysterious creature in
full moon and cold weather when the cryptide is sedentary
and sobs especially hard. Squash tears are said to have healing
properties and cure almost any ailments. Maybe exactly
therefore, many people want to capture the little animals and take possession of the priceless
жидкостью из ее eye. There is even a belief that if a person will
constantly drinking tears of squash, he can live forever.

However, many hunters who tried to catch a skvonka,
argued that, being cornered, the animal is simply
dissolves in his tears and disappears. Some Jack Wentling from
Bradford said that he still managed to catch the beast and
throw it in the bag, but after a while the bag suddenly
lost weight, but inside it there was nothing but moisture on
bottom. Of course, this sounds like a pure mystic at all,
therefore, many cryptozoologists do not believe too much in such
supernatural quality of the squash. But what is remarkable:
still no one was able to catch crying crypt or even
shoot or at least take a photo and video camera. Just like
elusive yeti, chupacabra and other mythical animals that
suggestive of some thought – is it like that around us
the world as it is presented to us (practically imposes from childhood)
official science? ..

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