Taiwanese pigeon races in which they diehundreds of thousands of birds still resent the world

Not everyone knows that every year in Taiwan more than
million pigeons involved in questionable entertainment, which
satisfied people – bird races.

Countless young pigeons trapped in cages
transported by ship to sea, where they are released into the wild. In an attempt to find
coast and fly to it the vast majority of birds are drowning, and
also broken about each other and about the ship. If you believe
animal defenders, less than one percent of these unfortunate birds
reach the land. However, birds are caught there to verify
the code put on their plumage, and again put in cells. It is
about a huge business, the total amount of rates in which may exceed
billion dollars a year.

In 2014-2015, the Taiwanese government arranged a series
large-scale raids on pigeon racing clubs, seizing many
technology and arresting a total of 164 people. However, this
nothing has changed in principle since the underground seasonal races
continue in the country to this day: after all, such activity
brings to the organizers a huge profit, which can be compared with
selling drugs.

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