Taiwan’s strange creature, very much likealien

Juan Meilan, a resident of Taiwan, captured the mysterious video
a creature that is either an insect unknown to science,
whether this creepy worm is generally of alien origin.

Seeing this “miracle of nature”, the woman hurried to turn on her
smartphone, in order to capture the unknown, especially since others
witnesses began to make very loud statements on the occasion. Here is
what Juan Meilan herself tells:

The mysterious creature moved on the ground, attracting
attention of passers-by, I also could not pass by: it is very strange
it all looked. Some of the witnesses suggested that this
some alien, others even thought about the devil. Generally,
There were a lot of opinions, but I believe that let experts
watch this video and give their conclusion, what is it.

Conspiracy therapists, after viewing the video, suggested that there is more
the result of some genetic mutations maybe
targeted for example it is known that some laboratories
China is working on the creation of parasitic weapons. Completely
It is possible that this “creepy mutant” escaped from there.

But some ufologists tend to believe that it is quite
may be representative of extraterrestrial life, not necessarily reasonable
a creature, maybe some kind of parasite from an alien ship …

Scientists have not yet become interested in this “discovery”, especially since
one video is simply impossible to determine what it is
such, if the animal is not yet known to science.

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