Talk about the mystical power of branthe words

Today for many people (including quite cultural in appearance)
swearing is a familiar norm of communication, despite
legislative attempts to limit its use in everyday life. But
because if you think about what is so scary about this very mate?
Why in society there is a taboo on foul language? Root
problems, as it turned out, should be sought in ancient times
Russ …

Where did the Russian go?

The debate about where the Russian mate came from has been going on for a long time. initially
this attack persistently blamed the Tatar-Mongols. But в конце
of the past millennium, scientists have discovered a piece of ancient birch bark with
scratched on him obscene expressions. So it turned out that
mat is an original Slavic invention. But с какой целью он был

There is an interesting version that the mat is a special language, and on it
supposedly our ancestors spoke with evil spirits, and who in this
case played the role of a kind of amulet against evil spirits.

Mat in Russia was called black abuse. According to ethnographers,
in antiquity people used it by going to curse the victim then
there is a mat was a kind of sacrifice unclean. Not
accidentally among the Slavs was considered a great sin to scold mate pregnant
women and children. It was forbidden to swear in the house and, we emphasize, even in
stable (so as not to energetically harm the cattle).

Scientists have found out one curious fact: our distant ancestors
used mate to convert excess sexual energy
at the very necessary at certain moments of their life – physical. it
occurred at Shrovetide, with spring plowing, as well as during
first wedding night. Thus, in the old days, people swore
rarely enough, and then only men.

«Not подобает мужам благородным браниться, как
commoners … “

Under Ivan the Terrible (this is his quote) and Alexey
Mikhailovich Tishayshim on the streets of Moscow was generally impossible
hear obscene scolding. In accordance with the Council Code
its use was punished very cruelly. Guilty could
betray even the death penalty.

The rulers of Russia waged an irreconcilable struggle against the mat. For him
a man could be pierced with a hot ramrod
imprisoned or tied to a pillory. At a later time for
the mat was simply fined, publicly humiliated, and also forced
rinse your mouth with soapy water.

Immediately after the revolution of the 17th year, the Russian philosopher and theologian Sergey
Bulgakov said that the victory of the Bolsheviks is the victory of swearing: in
of their revolutionary hymns, they sang about themselves – how about
�“Curse the branded” …

Something is heard native, obscene, mischievous …

Sensible, cultural, and especially spiritual people are always
ashamed mate and abstain from it. In our language even
an alternative substitution has arisen for him
�“Fly-fly”, “pancake burnt”, “yohany babay”, “yepsel-mopsel” and
A great many other delights.

Notсмотря на это, современное общество активно употребляет в речи
mat. In this case, not only men and women swear, but even children.
People do not know that once a mate had a demonic nature, and
on the contrary, they say that it is more fun to live with him.

Notзависимые исследователи, однако, утверждают, что
foul-mouthed people age faster and live less. Is it so,
Of course, it is not known for certain. Official science in every
case, this is silent, as large-scale
No research has been done on this topic. So every
of us decides whether to be friends with “black abuse” or not, – in
depending on the cultural traditions of their family, their spiritual
development and their own ideas about human ethics …

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