Tambov apples go into space

In Michurinsk of the Tambov Region, unique apples are grown,
which are delivered to astronauts of the International Space

According to the Director of the Federal Research Center named after Michurin
Mikhail Akimov, in their region the best varieties have long been grown
Russian apples, rich in all sorts of vitamins, microelements
and biologically active components. In addition, Michurin blocks
just amazing taste. It was them and selected a special
Commission to replenish the astronauts ration with the highest quality and
useful fruit.

Delivery of the next batch to the ISS is currently expected.
excellent Tambov apples. In the meantime, specialists michurinskogo scientific
center do everything necessary to ensure that their fruits are contained
in an environment that allows you to keep all of them in apples
useful and taste properties.

Our apples, says Mikhail Akimov, cosmonauts of the ISS
always look forward to, as they are not only useful, they
very tasty and always as if just picked from a tree.
And the high opinion of them is not only our Russian specialists,
all astronauts without exception. This year’s apple harvest is expected at
ten percent more than in the past, which is almost two million
tons of first-class fruit. That is the wonderful Michurin apples,
for which there is always a huge demand from buyers, will be with
pleasure to eat both in orbit and on
Earth …

Program for sending high-quality Michurin apples to
space orbit launched in 2011, the main supplier
Russian fruit on the ISS – the company “Science City”.

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