Teenagers captured a shadow photoessence

Another ominous snapshot appeared in the section “Reddit”,
dedicated to supernatural phenomena. Group of teenagers
claims she photographed devilry in a house not so long ago

Young people then took a few random shots and did not even
they began to look at them because it was just a click
demonstration of their clever gadgets (who is steeper). None
less, a couple of days later, these shots noticed her nephew in the phone
aunt. The woman was perplexed and immediately wanted to find out that
depicted on one of them.

A frightening photo shows a dark human-like figure,
standing next to a certain girl. Mysterious anthropomorphic silhouette
It looks blurry and ephemeral, like some kind of ghost. how
it is not difficult to guess, teenagers assure that they did not see that evening
nothing like this. Many participants in this story as well
The aforementioned aunt felt that she got into the camera lens
легендарная теневая essence, широко известная в городском

In other matters, see and evaluate yourself, especially since such
ghosts accidentally come across photographs quite often, superfluous
once confirming the theory that certain subtle entities (for example,
restless souls) are constantly among living people …

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