Telepathic communication will soon become deed

This was recently announced by Eric Leuthardt (Eric Leuthardt) –
neurosurgeon of the University of Washington. In his opinion, this will happen
due to the implantation in the human brain of special implants that
will allow him to communicate with other similar people at the level

That’s what Leuthardt himself says about this?

Today it may seem like a lot of science fiction, but already in
the next ten, at most twenty years, it will become the same
everyday reality, like, say, a mobile phone, which,
for example, at the beginning of the century seemed like a great luxury for most
people. Moreover, people with implants in the brain can not
only mentally communicate with a friend suddenly, but also mentally work
with the computer, becoming a part of it, directly go online, and
so on – such is neural integration.

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