Teleportation of a person hit the video

On the famous YouTube channel “ApexTV” dedicated to various
abnormal phenomena, there was another intriguing video. On that
once, according to the authors of the publication, they managed to get a movie,
depicting the most real teleportation of man.

On the frames below you can see a man in jeans.
and a hoodie that lifts from the ground incomprehensible
flashing object, then literally disappears in an instant in the middle
daylight along with its mysterious find.

It is reported that the record was obtained recently by a surveillance camera.
near one of the warehouses of Pennsylvania. Local guard named
Aarav was amazed to the core when he saw this scene on
dvr security monitor. Witness hurried
capture what you see on your smartphone (there was no other way to copy
opportunities), then sent the received material to representatives

Now I believe too, he wrote in his letter, implying
it seems that after this incident, I gained faith in
phenomena beyond the usual and explainable.

Many netizens believed that the unknown hero video
accidentally found a teleport device and inadvertently
took advantage of it by moving to another time, space or
even measurement. Skeptics are convinced that we are only
installation result. Thomas unbelievers, we note, be easier, but …
more boring: you can not even believe in your own death,
suddenly in the next world. Although … just this and only this
removes especially gray glasses from the eyes of inveterate skeptics, as
show, for example, clinical deaths …

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