Telescope “James Webb” is in no hurry to goto space

According to NASA, the ultra-modern space telescope
�”James Webb” last year passed all the required tests and
tested and ready to leave Earth to go to his
long space service.

However, in the coming year, the American aerospace
the agency is not in a hurry to launch James Webb, which should
replace the “old telescopes” Kepler and Hubble. Its power is
several times higher than its predecessors, and reliability – just
fantastic: all tests have shown that this equipment can
work as a watch in the most extreme conditions. Why same
the launch of a new, more advanced, telescope has been postponed to 2019

A little earlier, journalists wrote that “James Webb” can nowhere
fly altogether since the current administration of the White House
cut funding for this and many other NASA projects. but
almost ten have already been spent on the unique James Webb telescope
billion dollars (from the pocket of American taxpayers),
so even the most unreasonable US government cannot refuse
from the completion of this project – such a step is simply irrational and even
is criminal.

It is believed that the main task of the telescope “James Webb” will be
search for extraterrestrial intelligence and a more detailed study of our universe.
But does the Trump administration need this today? That is the question?
Perhaps the launch of super-expensive equipment is delayed because
the Americans decided to find a different, more “mundane” use for it. AT
anyway, the astronomers of the world are closely watching the fate of James
Webb, and this alone cannot help pushing Americans to
fulfill their promises to humanity.

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