Telescopes recorded the birth of anothersupernova

It all started with the fact that on June 16 of this year telescopes
Keck Observatory in Hawaii recorded the birth of another
supernova, которую (уже по традиции) обозначил сам
a computer like AT2018cow (such a “cow”), that is, if
add to this some imagery, then in the constellation Hercules
the star-cow was born.

All this caused the staff of the observatory no more than a smile.
indulgence in front of the “creative computer genius”. However already
Soon the scientist was no time for jokes, because this “cow” led
not at all like ordinary supernovae, the nucleation cycle
which has long been well studied:

  • it appeared almost on empty space – as if from
    �“Nowhere”, at the site of the explosion there was not even a tiny
  • maximum brightness AT2018cow reached for some two days,
    which is against physical laws;
  • the brightness of the “cow” is at least 100-150 times higher than that of
    любой supernova, которых ученые немало наблюдали

Here is what Dr. Kate McGuire from the team says on this occasion.
ATLAS, speaking to colleagues of all other world

We have never seen anything like it before, so
put the scientists of the world to a standstill. Star AT2018cow appeared
no one knows where, and she is too bright and fast for ordinary
supernovae. In any case, such an explosion in space should
cause a gamma-ray burst of colossal force and a gravitational wave,
which can spread, apparently, with any speed. AND
it would be nice to determine how far it all came from
our solar system.

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