Tell me after this that the plants do not possessmind and feelings

Today on the Internet one of the most popular topics is salvation.
abandoned dogs and cats. This is understandable, most people
compassionate. If our world consisted only of insensible
villains, he would long ago have ceased to exist.

Muscovite Valentin Titkov can rightfully be attributed to
so compassionate people, although she did not save a single homeless person
dog or cat Nevertheless, it saves … abandoned plants
believing that these unfortunate creatures, also possessing reason and
feelings, like animals, suffer, love and live in hope, as
everything on this earth.

The first her rescued plant was a lemon that was thrown by neighbors.
in a cold staircase, moving to a new apartment. It was January, and
Lemon – this is the southern handsome – slowly died from the cold. Valentine
took pity on the grief and together with her husband dragged a tub with a plant
to his apartment.

The tank was old and very bulky, so the places
demanded a lot, but the lemon itself reminded the woman of her childhood, in
which also had a large lemon tree standing on a loggia
amazed the girl with its golden fruits that it is generous
gave every year.

Летом Valentine отвезла лимон на дачу, выделив ему отличное
windless place near the barn. Outdoors under the sun
lemon literally bloomed, that is, straightened its mighty branches,
released some fresh ones that were soon covered in healthy
dark green leaves.

The most amazing thing is that next to a lemon in his tub, suddenly
a maple sprout appeared: apparently the seed was carried by the wind. And lemon from
this neighborhood has become even more beautiful, as if someone had breathed into it
extra vitality. All summer lasted this
amazing friendship between two completely different plants, so much so that
as they say, do not spill water.

But then trouble struck: a barn caught fire, near which stood
tub with lemon. In the confusion of extinguishing the fire of lemon remembered in
last turn. Fortunately, both plants in the tub are not very special.
suffered, although the lemon leaves were slightly burnt and curled up by the heat
fire in a tube.

Plants know how to be friends and love

Valentine купила для лимонного дерева новую просторную посудину,
and maple transplanted to the site. Here and the cold soon arrived,
it is time to leave the cottage, and therefore the lemon had to be taken away again
in a Moscow apartment. Woman all winter faithfully nursed
a plant, and he, thank God, lived safely until spring, until warm
days when you could go out of town again.

На даче Valentine поставила лимон рядом с новым сарайчиком,
built by her husband instead of burned out. It seemed fresh again
the air and under the warm sun the plant should have been as in
last summer, straighten branches and bloom. But it was not there:
the lemon suddenly began to wither and dry. What not only
a woman did in order to save the plant – nothing helped, his
the leaves more and more curled up into yellow tubes, turned yellow and fell …

Valentine в душе уже простилась с лимоном, но в какой-то момент
it occurred to her to rearrange the plant to a maple, with which a lemon
so made friends last summer – after all, they even nearly died from
fire together. Maple by the time, it should be noted, has grown up,
becoming a slender tree.

And what is surprising: as soon as the lemon was near the maple,
he immediately revived and turned green again, and besides, so wildly, like maple
poured his young forces into it! So tell me afterwards that
растения не обладают mind and feelings, что они не умеют
be in love!

С тех пор Valentine Титкова спасла не одно брошенное растение,
however, the story of the lemon she saved, her friendship with the maple is
a special case. And this story could be described and
further, yes that’s the trouble – it can not be expressed in words as desired
would. As for the enthusiastic exclamations and surprises on this
occasionally, not everyone will believe in them, and who will believe – not everyone will understand,
since read this almost fantastic story and see that
Plant friendship with my own eyes – completely different things …

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